EDC Establishes New Incentive for Property Improvements


With all that’s happening in Marble Falls these days—there seems to be a perpetual buzz all over town—I thought it might be a good time to provide a progress report on some prominent projects (or pick a pack of pickled peppers, since we’re on an alliterative kick).

1. And 2. In the Business and Technology Park, the two projects under construction right now are both set for completion by the end of the year. Save the World Brewing Company plans to complete construction in October and sell their first beer in December. The Department of Health and Human Services will be completed by December 31.

3. In the space formerly occupied by Sutherlands, Goodwill is now open. Officials report a very successful opening of the store and an overwhelming positive reception by the community. Spec’s will be opening, next to Goodwill, in the next few days.

4. The 281 bridge replacement over Lake Marble Falls is on schedule for a completion date of Fall 2014. Repairs at the adjacent intersection of 2nd Street and 281 will begin in September.

5. The specialty clinic at the Scott & White Hurd Regional Medical Center opened in early June.

6. Building plans for the hospital are currently being reviewed by the City’s development services team. The volume of paper needed for the plans looks like it should have been transported by pallet and forklift instead of by human hands. The completion date (for the hospital, not the plan review) is scheduled for the end of 2014.