Marble Falls Business Walk: By the Numbers


Last week, the EDC and Chamber put together the first Business Walk in Marble Falls.  In all, there were 25 volunteers—members of the EDC board, the Chamber board and advisory board, and Leadership Highland Lakes graduates—who interviewed 246 business owners and operators all over town.  Below is a summary of the feedback that came from those conversations.

“How is Business?”

  • 75.6% of the respondents said that business was good or great.  Also included in this group were responses of “fantastic,” “booming,” “excellent,” “awesome,” and the like.
  • The remaining responses were split between fair/average (13.0%) and poor/slow/declining (11.4%).

“What Do You Like Best About Doing Business in Marble Falls?”

  • The majority of respondents (125) said “people.”  High marks were also given to small-town atmosphere (62), followed by amenities (17), growth/opportunities (16), and the market/demographics (12).
  • A collated summary of all responses would look something like this: “I like doing business in Marble Falls because it’s a cool, sophisticated, beautiful, small town in a great location with quality amenities and many opportunities because of a strong market made up of honest, loyal people who value community and relationships.”
  • One of my favorite individual responses?  “There are fewer idiots here.”  Sounds like a potential slogan to me.

In all seriousness, the last question that our volunteers asked about needs is yielding many follow-up opportunities for the EDC, the Chamber, the City’s Development Services Department, and others.  We are currently in the process of sorting the responses according to category to make sure that all bases are covered.  In the meantime, if you own or manage a business in Marble Falls and you were not interviewed as part of the Business Walk, please feel free to contact me (830/798-7079 or—we want to hear your story and learn about opportunities to better serve you.

A special “Thank You” goes out to our wonderful volunteers and their coordinator:

Robert Glanville Kathy Daniels Dave Plante
Butch Kemper Amber Weems Casey Blair
Teri Freitag Keith Conrad John Packer
Steve Reitz Mark Mayfield Judy Miller
Mark McCary Donna Wilcox Kathy Kasparek
Alma Lahman Janet Henley J. Don McAlpin
Joe Swynnerton Midge Dockery Brad Goebel
Kristi Goebel Dwight Batch Brian Anderson
Mark Hodges Rose Metzler