Marble Falls Excels in Construction, Retail, and Financial Services Sectors


If you’re a regular reader of this blog (thank you, regular reader!), you know that I’m a data hound.  I love uncovering numbers, factors, trends, and comparisons to substantiate our understanding of Marble Falls.  After all, our community is notorious for avoiding labels and stereotypes—there is no “typical city” box that can contain Marble Falls—so we must peel back some layers to get past the city-limit sign that reads “Marble Falls, POP. 6077.”


So, in that spirit, let’s explore a few more financial factoids that can help us learn about our city…

  • In 2012, $733,910,301 in gross sales were reported in Marble Falls.  That’s more than Leander ($539,472,988), Fredericksburg ($621,664,071), and Bastrop ($711,249,849).
  • There were 613 outlets in Marble Falls that generated the $733.9 million in gross sales.  That’s an average of $1,197,244 per outlet.  By comparison, Fredericksburg’s 984 outlets generated an average of $631,772 per outlet.
  • It should come as no surprise that retail remains the dominant industry sector in Marble Falls, but how MF compares to other cities might raise some eyebrows.  In 2012, Marble Falls reported $507,585,382 in gross retail trade sales, compared to Fredericksburg’s $382,151,656 and Bee Cave’s $416,532,475.
  • 2012 gross construction sales in Marble Falls ($24.7 million) were higher than sales in Bee Cave ($22.7 million), Lakeway ($19.9 million), and Hutto ($16.6 million), among others.
  • Marble Falls reported higher financial services activity ($7.1M) in 2012 than Georgetown ($5.7M), Rockwall ($5.4M), and North Richland Hills ($4.9M).
  • Hospitality and leisure sales were higher in Marble Falls ($41.3M) than in Boerne ($41.1M) and in Rockport ($32.0M).


The good news is that, while 2012 was a good year compared to 2011, 2013 has been a great year compared to 2012—or any other year, for that matter.  In 8 out of the 9 sales tax reports this year, Marble Falls has broken historical monthly sales tax records.

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