Need a Facelift? Let the EDC Help


Attention Marble Falls Business Owners:

If you would like to spruce up your property, expand your operations, repave a parking lot, or remodel your building, you should consider the Marble Falls EDC’s BIG (Business Improvement Grant) Program.

The EDC is accepting applications for projects that could receive a 20% reimbursement on costs associated with improving the physical appearance and/or functionality of your business.  Download the full application here.

In addition, the EDC has a Sign Replacement Program that reimburses up to 50% of the costs associated with replacing a sign within the city of Marble Falls.

Both programs have been in place for a couple of years, so you may have seen some businesses that have taken advantage of these incentives.

Flat Creek Enoteca

Delineations McCary & McCary

Funding for these programs is limited, so submit your application today!