Quick Poll: How Did You First Hear About Marble Falls?


Yesterday, I was on a conference call with a digital marketing consultant, and she asked how people found us.  Of course, she meant the EDC, and she inquired about what search terms people most often used to land on our web site.

These were valid and appropriate questions, but I began to wonder about the larger question of how people first hear about Marble Falls.  Today, we can analyze web traffic to determine how many people type an address directly into an address bar, how many are referred from search engines—including what keywords were used to get them to a site—and how many are referred from ads, social media, and other sources.  Prior to and outside of the internet age, however, how did/do people learn about Marble Falls?  Is it word-of-mouth, advertising, family connections, geography, or something else?

My first association with Marble Falls goes back to when I was growing up in Missouri.  My grandparents had a lake house on the Pedernales River, and my aunt, uncle, and cousins on my mother’s side lived in Marble Falls.  For as long as I can remember, I thought Marble Falls was a cool name for a town, but, sadly, I don’t remember much about my very early visits other than cactus.  Other early experiences included mesquite thorns and ridiculously-large splinters, but cactus was my first association.  Thankfully, things are much better now.

What about you?  When and how did you first learn about Marble Falls, and what were your first impressions?