Quick Poll: Sports Advertising

Quick Poll: If Marble Falls could advertise in one professional or collegiate sports program for a season, which team makes the most sense?

Rules and regulations:

1. Any professional (MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, WNBA) or collegiate (NCAA only) team is eligible.

2. If you choose a college team, I need specificity, so “Texas Longhorns” won’t work–you need to indicate the sport as well (e.g., Texas Longhorns football, Texas Womens basketball, et al.).

3. You may promote your alma mater, but really obscure recommendations will need justification as to why Marble Falls advertising in their program would make sense.  (Sorry to complicate the process for those of you who are proud Jaguars from IUPUI.)

4. Feel free to share your responses as a comment on this page, a Facebook post, a tweet, via carrier pigeon, or any other widely-recognized form of delivery.

5. Have fun!